Day eleven – try things out on staging

Often, if you’re trying out a new feature — or you want to show someone how to do something — it’s likely you want to use real data but without having a lasting effect.

Launchpad’s staging environment allows you to do just that. Staging’s database is refreshed once each day by making a complete copy of the main Launchpad database. That means you can try things out but you don’t have to worry about spoiling real data or adding lots of useless test data. Within 24 hours, any changes you make on staging are wiped out by a fresh copy of the main Launchpad database. Just make sure you don’t do anything on staging that you want to keep 🙂

One thing to note is that staging runs the very latest code from the Launchpad developers so you may notice bugs from time to time. Of course, if you do spot a bug, please report it.

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