Day four – mentoring

Want to make it easy for newcomers to learn the ropes of your project?

Launchpad’s mentoring helps you connect experienced project contributors with people looking to get involved.

Visit any bug or blueprint that’s registered for your project and follow the Offer mentoring links towards the bottom of the page. You can then select the Launchpad team through which you want to tell people about your offer of mentoring; usually that’d be the development team for the project.

Once you’ve made your offer, your name — with a link to your Launchpad profile page — will show up in the mentors list. Take a look at bug 120050 as an example. Anyone wanting to learn more can then easily contact you through your profile page.

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  1. Flimm Says:

    I always thought the mentoring idea was brilliant.

    BTW, when are you going to enable OpenID in this news blog?

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