Getting started with launchpadlib: Launchpad’s Python library

Launchpad’s strategist, Jonathan Lange, has started a series of blog posts on getting started with Launchpad’s Python library, launchpadlib:

launchpadlib is the Python client-side library that talks to Launchpad’s own REST API. It turns out that customize scripted control of a bug-tracker-code-hosting-translation-distribution-building-cross-project-collaboration thing is actually quite handy.

Catch-up with the first two posts in the series:

And you can subscribe to Jonathan’s blog or follow blogs from both Jonathan and other members of the Launchpad community on Planet Launchpad.

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  1. duanedesign Says:

    You can do some really neat stuff with launchpadlib. If you do any amount of work on Launchpad at all, launchpadlib can probably make your life a bit easier and/or increase your productivity.

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