Coming changes in Launchpad 1.1.9

The next release of Launchpad is due on the 19th September. As always there’ll be new features, bug fixes and one or two changes to the way some parts of Launchpad work.

I’ll post full details of what’s new on the release day. For now, here are the changes that may affect the way you use Launchpad:

General Launchpad

  • Bug 127879: Python examples will no longer be misinterpreted as
    quotes and so won’t be collapsed as quotes.
  • Bug 129815: Milestone overview pages will show the total number of bugs and blueprints targeted.


  • Bug 129497: Questions will no longer be automatically expired if they are linked to an open bug.
  • Bug 3970: It will be possible to turn a bug report into a question.


  • Bug 74031: Mirror branch pages will display the mirroring interval and the time of the next planned mirroring.
  • Bug 130883: Imports of Subversion trunks that use a name other than “trunk” will be possible.
  • Bug 133983: On the branch home page, the revision number shown in the “Recent revisions” list will be hyperlinked to codebrowse and will show the diff for that revision.
  • Bug 133599: The URLs that are shown on the branch index page will show the Bazaar smart server URLs rather than SFTP.
  • Bug 43808: It will be possible to make a bug-branch link from the branch page.

Bug tracker

  • Bug 4592: If you add a watch of a bug in an external tracker that Launchpad doesn’t already know about, it’s now much easier to give Launchpad the details of that new bug tracker.
  • Bug 91925: Unassigned bugs that have the “Incomplete” status for 60 days will automatically be switched to “Invalid” status to help provide cleaner bug search results.
  • Bug 126224: Removing an attachment from a bug will also remove the associated comment.

You can go find more about what we have planned on the Launchpad 1.1.9 milestone page.

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