New design, out in the wild

Yesterday, our new design has started to roll out on the edge servers. This will be an incremental and iterative process, as all the pieces come together, where our best ideas and speculations meet production data.
One of the conversations we had when re-designing the Launchpad UI, was that projects should be more on the foreground. They are what make Launchpad great, and the more projects that use it, the more powerful the tool gets. While breadcrumbs are still being worked on (they will look more like breadcrumbs and be more detailed), project pages now highlights the project’s logo and name:

New changes being rolled out on a daily basis. Exciting times!

2 Responses to “New design, out in the wild”

  1. Joshua Hoover Says:

    It’s looking really good! Keep up the great work!

  2. Ben Says:

    Looks great — Much, much improved. When will it move to the production servers?

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