Broken link in translation import failure emails

Due to some caching problems between our machines, some large translations have failed to import, generating strange errors such as:

  • “String not terminated” (the most common one, at a big line number)
  • “Got a truncated message!”
  • “String is not quoted”
  • “Invalid content u’msg'” (or other similar instances)

You’d see the error message in import failure emails. Retrying (sometimes a few times) would push the file through.

This morning we’ve disabled caching between the importing and file storing servers, and it seems to have fixed all the problems. However, the fix we used means that everyone will now get a broken URL in translation import failure emails. If the email mentions a URL like

replace with and the link should work.

If you still see one of the above errors on your imports, and you are sure it’s not a msgfmt syntax error (or bug #88831), please add a comment to the bug.

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