Consistent display of tangential links

On Launchpad we have a lot of links that take your focus away from the current task. Usually, these exist to let you get more information on Launchpad or take you off Launchpad to do something like look at upstream information.

These links are usually represented one of two ways–a blue link with a globe for something that takes you to a new website, or a blue or green link for an internal link that opens a new window.

There’s a problem with this though. Green links mean an action will not take you away from your current view. Using a green link to take you to another window is a contradiction in our UI. Blue links alone aren’t ideal either, because blue links are scary. Everyone’s been bitten by clicking a link while in the process of filling out a form and losing the data they’ve spend five minutes filling out.

Right now, on our enhanced person-pickers, we have a green “Details…” link to let you see more information about a person. This link opens in a new tab, and we need to come up with a better way to indicate that action. We’ve put together a survey showing some rough ideas of how we might indicate a link that opens in a new window. It’s a very short survey, and we would love to get your input.

Please, take the “link opens a new window” survey.

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