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Ever wanted to know what exactly is happening in Launchpad development, but found our list of in-progress bugs too daunting and detailed? Well, do we have a link and a screenshot for you.


Launchpad Overview Kanban

Link. (Log in:; Password: launchpad).

Thanks to the nice folk at LeanKit Kanban, we’ve now got a guest account set up so that anyone can our kanban board. The board shows all of the high level features that we are working on (those are the green ones), the infrastructure projects we’re doing (those are the blue ones) and all of the community-driven work that we know about (the yellow ones).

The further to the right a card is, the closer it is to being done. The cards in the Next column are the things we’ll start to work on once we’ve got room on the board to start them. “UA” means we’re fixing the final few bugs in a feature before we consider it to be done, and “Deployment” means that we need sysadmins to do something.

Our goal is to keep the amount of work-in-progress down to a small number, and to be able to move things from left to right as quickly as possible. We hope making the board available gives you a better insight into Launchpad development, and maybe even encourages you to join in the fun.

Update: We’ve fixed the log-in credentials, for real this time. Sorry for publishing the wrong ones previously, and previously before that.

12 Responses to “Get an overview of what we’re doing”

  1. Greg Grossmeier Says:

    I think the guest login isn’t working, at least for me.

  2. Martin Wright Says:

    This is very interesting indeed! The screenshot gives us a good idea already, but the login does not seem to be working – it just says “incorrect credentials”?

  3. Andrew Says:

    Nice idea guys! Only problem is I can’t access it :/

    When I use the credentials in the blog post I get:
    Invalid credentials

  4. Robert Says:

    I get the same results as Andrew… Invalid credentials.

  5. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Yeah they seemed to have blocked, doesn’t work for me either.

  6. KDE fan Says:

    yep, it does not work 🙁

  7. Matthew Revell Says:

    Sorry, we published the wrong password in the original version of this post. It’s fixed now.

  8. Martin Wright Says:

    Where did you fix the credentials? Appears to me to be exactly the same as before, and still not working… If we should not actually access it, just say so :p

  9. Jay Pipes Says:

    Still credentials don’t work.

  10. Tony Says:

    Credentials not working for me either.

  11. Jonathan Lange Says:

    Fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.

  12. Launchpad Blog Says:

    […] to work in the open, discussing changes on the development mailing list or on the bug tracker, publishing our Kanban board,  announcing stuff here on this blog, often trying to contact concerned users directly. But […]

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