Launchpad Logo Contest Winner Announced

We’re very pleased to announce the results of the Launchpad Logo Contest!

The number and quality of submissions took all of us by surprise. We are
immensely pleased with the results and are in awe at what the community
has done. We had so many interesting designs that it was very difficult for
us to declare a single winner.

However, there was one design that we felt embodied what Launchpad is all
about. We were impressed by how it summarised so much about Launchpad and
yet remained beautifully simple.

So, we’re delighted to say that the winner is Eugene Tretyak!

You can view his design here:

The center of the design represents how Launchpad makes it easy for
people to collaborate and connect with one another, while the surrounding
facets represent the different services that Launchpad provides.

Above all, it shows that all projects are themselves a gem and, when
combined with other gems, can turn into something brilliant.

Eugene is both an Ubuntu member and Kubuntu developer and will receive
an official Ubuntu Messenger Bag.

There are also two runners-up whose designs made the selection process very
challenging for us. Mariana Ravicole and Ambroise Coutand will each receive
a 25 GBP gift certificate to the Canonical Store in recognition of their
highly competitive and very popular designs.

Additionally, we would also like to give an honourable mention to Donn
Ingle for his contributions. Donn’s varied designs were a popular

Finally, the Launchpad Team would like to thank everyone who participated
in the contest. We are humbled by the response and are deeply thankful to
all the participants.

Joey Stanford

2 Responses to “Launchpad Logo Contest Winner Announced”

  1. anon Says:

    While the chosen logo does reflect significance, at a glance, it’s not really pretty or thoughtful. I’m disappointed myself; there are many better entries imo.

  2. Demian Says:

    Wow! I totally forgot about this…
    Congrats to the winners!
    I’m sure the result will not please everybody, but that’s pretty common. You can’t please everybody, right? 😀
    I’d love to see how this is going to get implemented in the site.

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