Launchpad news, July 2018 – January 2019

Here’s a brief changelog of what we’ve been up to since our last general update.


  • Parse a few more possible Savane URL formats (#197250)
  • Compare Bugzilla versions properly when checking whether they support the Bugzilla API (part of #1802798)

Build farm

  • Configure snap proxy settings for Subversion (#1668358)
  • Support passing IMAGE_TARGETS, REPO_SNAPSHOT_STAMP, and COHORT_KEY variables into live filesystem builds
  • Set SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT=host when building snaps (#1791201)
  • Prevent gathering results of large builds from blocking responses to XML-RPC requests (#1795877)
  • Add missing indexes on LiveFSFile(libraryfile) and SnapFile(libraryfile)
  • Direct build failure support to Launchpad Answers rather than to the launchpad-buildd-admins team (#1810001)


  • Allow proposing merges between different branches of the same personal Git repository
  • Fix OOPS when trying to look up ~user/project:branch as a unique Git repository name (#1771118)
  • Optimise GitRepository.fetchRefCommits if there are no commits to fetch
  • Handle the case where a Bazaar branch and a Git repository have the same identity URL when creating a recipe (#1623924)
  • Push code imports over bzr+ssh rather than sftp (#1779572)
  • Fix crash when emailing inline comments on a diff with non-ASCII characters in hunk headers (#1787587)
  • Percent-encode reference names in GitRef URLs (#1787965)
  • Add active reviews link to Git-based project pages (#1777102)
  • Fix handling of non-ASCII ref names
  • Include the appropriate username in git+ssh:// URLs in the UI
  • Add instructions on creating personal Git repositories to people’s “View Git repositories” pages (#1590560)
  • Add available review targets and proposals to the Git repository overview page (#1789847)
  • Fix incorrect visibility check that broke code imports targeted at private Git repositories (#1789424)
  • Allow anonymous users to view votes for public merge proposals (#1786474)
  • Make Git ref scan jobs for repositories with large numbers of refs take much less memory
  • Tolerate backend timeouts while fetching commit information for GitRef:+index (#1804395)
  • Add Git per-branch permissions (#1517559)
  • Add rescan buttons when various kinds of code scanning jobs fail (#1808320)


  • Convert all remaining code to use explicit proxy configuration settings rather than picking up a proxy from the environment, making the effective production settings easier to understand
  • Add support for ECDSA SSH keys (#907675)



  • Add a script to suspend an account by email address
  • Weaken type of key_text in Person.deleteSSHKeysFromSSO so that more existing keys can be deleted (#1780411)
  • Fix SSHKey.getFullKeyText to not crash on some corrupt keys (#1798046)
  • Various improvements to the close-account script


  • Extract initial Snap.store_name from snapcraft.yaml for Bazaar as well as Git
  • Add support for Snapcraft’s architectures keyword (#1770400)
  • Bump SnapStoreUploadJob.max_retries to 30 to allow for longer store scan times
  • Include the registered store package name for a snap recipe in its builds’ titles if it exists and differs from the snap recipe name
  • Move some metadata from SnapStoreUploadJob to SnapBuild, to prevent store upload jobs getting into states that cannot be retried

Soyuz (package management)

  • Add Archive.getSigningKeyData, currently just proxying through to the keyserver (#1667725)
  • Add extendedKeyUsage information to kmod signing keys so that they can only be used to sign modules, not boot loaders or kernels (#1774746)

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