Launchpad news, June 2018

Here’s a brief changelog for this month.


  • Handle Bugzilla.time() changes in Bugzilla 5.1.1 (#1774838)
  • Cope with the comment author field being renamed to creator in recent Bugzilla versions (#1774838)

Build farm

  • Set the hostname and FQDN of LXD containers to match the host system, though with an IP address pointing to the container (#1747015)
  • If the extra build arguments include fast_cleanup: True, then skip the final cleanup steps of the build; this can be used when building in a VM that is guaranteed to be torn down after the build
  • Allow checking out a git tag rather than a branch (#1687078, forum post)
  • Add a local unauthenticated proxy on port 8222, which proxies through to the remote authenticated proxy; this should allow running a wider range of network clients, since some of them apparently don’t support authenticated proxies very well (#1690834, #1753340, forum post)
  • Run tar with correct working directory when building source tarballs for snaps


  • Port the loggerhead (Bazaar code browser) integration to gunicorn, allowing it to be used as an internal API as well
  • Optimise BuildableDistroSeries.findSeries (#1778732)
  • Proxy loggerhead branch diffs through the webapp, allowing AJAX MP revision diffs to work for private branches (#904070)


  • Convert most code to use explicit proxy configuration settings rather than picking up a proxy from the environment, making the effective production settings easier to understand


  • Fix crash while adding an ssh key with unknown type (#1777507)


  • Improve documentation of what deactivating an account does (#993153)

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