Launchpad news, March 2019 – July 2019

Here’s a brief changelog of what we’ve been up to since our last general update.


  • Add basic GitLab bug linking (#1603679)
  • Expect the upstream bug ID in the “number” field of GitHub issue objects, not the “id” field (#1824728)
  • Include metadata-only bug changes in Person:+commentedbugs

Build farm

  • Filter ASCII NUL characters out of build logtails (#1831500)
  • Encode non-bytes subprocess arguments on Python 2 to avoid crashing on non-ASCII file names under LC_CTYPE=C (#1832072)


  • Don’t preload recipe data when deleting recipes associated with branches or repositories, and add some more job indexes (#1793266, #1828062)
  • Fix crash if checkRefPermissions finds that the repository is nonexistent
  • Add a rescan button to branch merge proposals for failed branch or repository scans
  • Land parts of the work required for Git HTTPS push tokens, though this is not yet complete (#1824399)
  • Refactor code import authorisation to be clearer and safer
  • Set line-height on <pre> elements in Bazaar file views
  • Work in progress to redeploy Launchpad’s Git backend on more scalable infrastructure


  • Upgrade to PostgreSQL 10
  • Fix make-lp-user, broken by the fix for #1576142
  • Use our own GPG key retrieval implementation when verifying signatures rather than relying on auto-key-retrieve
  • Give urlfetch a default timeout, fixing a regression in process-mail (#1820552)
  • Make test suite pass on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Retry webhook deliveries that respond with 4xx for an hour rather than a day
  • Merge up to a current version of Storm
  • Upgrade to Celery 4.1.1
  • Move development sites from .dev to .test
  • Upgrade to Twisted 19.2.1
  • Upgrade to requests 2.22.0
  • Use defusedxml to parse untrusted XML
  • Improve caching of several delegated authorization checks (#1834625)


  • Fix redaction in pillar listings of projects for which the user only has LimitedView (#1650430)
  • Tighten up the permitted pattern for newly-chosen usernames


  • Landed parts of the work required to support private snap builds, though this is not yet complete (#1639975)
  • Generalise snap channel handling slightly, allowing channel selection for core16 and core18
  • Add build-aux/snap/snapcraft.yaml to the list of possible snapcraft.yaml paths (#1805219)
  • Add build-request-id and build-request-timestamp to SNAPCRAFT_IMAGE_INFO
  • Allow selecting source snap channels when requesting manual snap builds (#1791265)
  • Push build start timestamps to the store, and use release intents so that builds are more reliably released to channels in the proper sequence (#1684529)
  • Try to manually resolve symlinks in remote Git repositories when fetching snapcraft.yaml (#1797366)
  • Consistently commit transactions in SnapStoreUploadJob (#1833424)
  • Use build request jobs for all snap build requests in the web UI
  • Honour “base: bare” and “build-base” when requesting snap builds (#1819196)

Soyuz (package management)

  • Add command-not-found metadata in the archive to the Release file
  • Check the .deb format using dpkg-deb rather than ar
  • Add s390x Secure Initial Program Load signing support (#1829749)
  • Add u-boot Flat Image Tree signing support (#1831942)
  • Use timeout(1) to limit debdiff rather than using alarm(3) ourselves
  • Allow configuring the binary file retention period of a LiveFS (#1832477)
  • Import source packages from Debian bullseye

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  1. Vadim P. Says:

    Appreciate the updates. Thank you!

  2. Nikolay Says:

    Thank you! I finally finalized my CI pipeline on GitLab. Really happy this works.

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