Launchpad read-only 09.00 UTC 11th February 2011

In twelve hours from this posting, Launchpad’s web interface will be read-only, with other aspects offline, for around 90 minutes. This is to allow us to make an update to the structure of the Launchpad database. This replaces the previous read-only period announced for Feb 10th 2011 23.00 UTC.

Starts: 09.00 UTC 11th of February 2011
Expected back by: 10.30 UTC 11th of February 2011

There is a slim possibility that the Launchpad’s web interface will be completely unavailable. Because of circumstances beyond our control, the recovery procedure from the aborted roll-out wasn’t able to be completed within the time frame necessary for the previously scheduled window. In the case where it wouldn’t be complete for that next window, we will still complete the roll-out by taking the web interface offline.

I’m sorry that we’ve had to delay this period of service disruption on such short notice.

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