Launchpad users meeting for January

30th January 17.00 UTC in #launchpad

Launchpad isn’t just about source code, bugs, or translations. Nor packages, specifications, community support or file downloads.

Launchpad’s about people. Okay, that sounds a bit cheesy but it’s true: every new feature or improvement we make to Launchpad is designed to make it easier for you, me and anyone else to work together.

That’s why we hold monthly user meetings: talking to people who use Launchpad is absolutely the best way to find out what we can improve and what works well. You can find the Launchpad team in #launchpad and on the launchpad-users list just about any time but these meetings give you a focused opportunity to talk directly to members of the Launchpad team.

Come along to this month’s meeting on 30th January at 17.00 UTC in #launchpad on Freenode. Add your question or any other item to the agenda or simply speak up during the meeting. See you there 🙂

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