Launchpad’s new homepage

Launchpad’s new homepage

Launchpad has been around for a while, and its frontpage has remained untouched for a few years now.

If you go into, you’ll notice it looks quite different from what it has looked like for the past 10 years – it has been updated! The goal was to modernize it while trying to keep it looking like Launchpad. The contents have remained the same with only a few text additions, but there were a lot of styling changes.

The most relevant change is that the frontpage now uses Vanilla components ( This alone, not only made the layout look more modern, but also made it better for a new curious user reaching the page from a mobile device. The accessibility score of the page – calculated with Google’s Lighthouse extension – increased from a 75 to an almost perfect 98!

Given the frontpage is so often the first impression users get when they want to check out Launchpad, we started there. But in the future, we envision the rest of Launchpad looking more modern and having a more intuitive UX.

As a final note, thank you to Peter Makowski for always giving a helping hand with frontend changes in Launchpad.

If you have any feedback for us, don’t forget to reach out in any of our channels. For feature requests you can reach us as or open a report in

To conclude this post, here is what Launchpad looked like in 2006, yesterday and today.

Launchpad in 2006

Launchpad yesterday

Launchpad today

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