November Lazr-js Sprint Report

Last week, members of the Launchpad team got together with members of other teams across Canonical to sprint on lazr-js.  lazr-js is the library the Launchpad team created on top of the Yahoo User Interface 3.0 javascript library to provide a richer user experience.  For instance, the “widgets” in lazr-js are used in bug pages to help users change bug status and importance without leaving the bug page, and allowing users to subscribe to a branch without leaving the branch page.

One of the big things we focused on with lazr-js last week was integration into apps other than Launchpad.  We worked with members of the internal Canonical webapp teams, the Ubuntu One team, and the Landscape team to get lazr-js integrated into those apps, and find the issues that anyone would have while trying to integrate lazr-js into their own app.

As we focused on integration, we were able to see where we could make lazr-js more generic and easier to use.  We were able to find ways to automate the tests we have written for the code in lazr-js.  We also focused on fixing the bugs in lazr-js that would prevent Internet Explorer users from benefiting from lazr-js enhancements to an application, but we still have much to do in the way of cross-browser compatibility.  We’ll be working towards browser compatibility in the next few months, and welcome any contributions from the community.

The sprint was a huge success.  At the beginning of the week, lazr-js was a Launchpad library, and at the end, it became a library that can be used by anyone that wants to have a rich browser experience for their webapp.

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