This week in Launchpad’s web API

You didn’t expect it, but here it is. “This Week in Launchpad’s Web API” returns for one more week! This week we’re pleased to announce that you can now search the bug tasks associated with a project, project group, distribution, or milestone. We know a lot of people have been waiting for this feature.

>>> launchpadlib_project = launchpad.projects['launchpadlib']
>>> me =
>>> my_launchpadlib_bugs = launchpadlib_project.searchTasks(assignee=me)

The interface to searchTasks is very similar to the interface to Launchpad’s advanced search form. That fact should get you started searching easily.

The other bug news is that you can now post a comment to a bug by invoking newMessage on the bug.

Release files are now exposed through the web service. This means you can now integrate release management tools into Launchpad. When you do a release of your program, the same tool that packages the release can upload the release file to Launchpad and make a Launchpad release for it.

>>> series = launchpad.projects['myproject'].series[0]
>>> release = series.addRelease(
...     version=new_item_name, code_name='sumo',
...     summary='super new beta',
...     description='The be-all end-all version for the next century.',
...     changelog='Fixes security bug. Adds external support.')
>>> release.add_file(filename="release.tgz",
...     file_content="[binary data]",
...     content_type="application/x-gzip")

Finally, we’ve changed launchpadlib so that when you upload a file, you need to set the filename you want the file to have on the server side. Previously, there was no way to set the filename.

>>> release_file = release.files[0]
>>> filehandle ="application/x-gzip", "new-filename.tgz", "w")
>>> ...

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