What’s your favourite project in Launchpad?

You’ve probably seen the featured projects list on Launchpad’s home page:


As you can see, there’s a wide variety of projects in that list, and each of them is an excellent example of how Launchpad can help free software projects. However, we’ve had pretty much the same projects in that list for a few months now so perhaps time to give some of the other 19,444 Launchpad projects a slot in the list.

So, it’s over to you: leave a comment here nominating which Launchpad-using project(s) you want to see in the featured projects list. If you have time, let us know why.


30 Responses to “What’s your favourite project in Launchpad?”

  1. Andrew Says:


  2. d0od Says:

    Tough to choose between so many favourites but OpenShot, Docky & Elementary. All provide great end user experiences and deserve to be highlighted for doing so.

  3. Nick Says:


  4. madmed Says:

    Ubuntu Tweak

  5. MTecknology Says:

    ubuntu-drupal && ubuntu-website

  6. Giacomo Says:


  7. Thibault Févry Says:

    Ideas that could be nice :

    First of all I think that we shouldn’t have 2 projects that are too similar, because people that come over Launchpad have all different interests. Also I think we shouldn’t include softwares that are too alpha.

    Another thing that I find important is to have more different languages because actually we’ve got much python (And I’m a python coder), currently at least 13/30 projects are using python, we should have also some projects in perl or ruby…

    Finally it would be nice to see things that aren’t about code, many people come here without knowing anything about code (Ubuntu-manual could be one opf those projects where the work isn’t only about programming).

    We could also let one column without any regular project, it would be any launchpad project (Not completely random, any project that has activity.), it would allow for each software to have it’s opportunity to attract new dev.

    Now for myself, I’ll like to see GTG! as I like the project and see some of the not active projects dropped, (Like Surl, which isn’t very active), I would also like if Zeitgeist stayed.

    [Sorry for my english.]

  8. Nawaflol Says:

    Steadyflow is looking good !

  9. ilPestifero Says:


  10. Jan-Christoph Borchardt Says:

    Does hundredpapercuts count?

    And of course dockbar/dockbarx, cardapio and redshift as I use them every day and Launchpad gives me the opportunity to help out.

    I heard about this neat little app in the works called kazam that should be featured as well. 😉

  11. Dario Bertini Says:

    osd-lyrics, coapp?

  12. John Says:

    Blender, PyShare

  13. Manish Sinha Says:

    The Zeitgeist Project

  14. Nhomar Says:


    I love OpenObject, it was some time ago on this list and we don’t know why it was moved, but is an amazing tool and it has a great community behind using launchpad to develop and solve problems.


  15. Lorenzo Allegrucci Says:

    Beeseek, because many bees together can make the difference 🙂

  16. pablo pedro bellissimo Says:

    Beeseek, because many bees together can make the difference!

  17. Simone Brunozzi Says:

    BeeSeek, it’s a very interesting Open Source search engine, and it has been implemented in a very clever way.

  18. Andrea Corbellini Says:

    Here are my favorite projects:

    * Ubuntu (lp.net/ubuntu)
    * Terminator (lp.net/terminator)
    * BeeSeek (lp.net/beeseek)
    * A4 (lp.net/a4)

  19. Fabounet Says:

    Cairo-Dock is very active on Launchpad, and brings a lot of usability and eye-candy for the Linux/BSD desktop.

  20. Andrea Colangelo Says:

    * Ubuntu (of course :))
    * BeeSeek
    * A4

  21. George Edison Says:

    TwistLoad and 7Basic.

  22. my favorite projects Says:

    my favorite projects:
    /Do https://launchpad.net/do
    /Ubuntu https://launchpad.net/ubuntu

  23. Cameron Says:

    As i’m new to using Ubuntu i would really like an easy link to post a question in launchpad as i cant find this anywhere ?

  24. Xeriab Nabil Says:

    If there is a core feature allows Launchpad to take a random value from the most active projects that are hosted in Launchpad it will be cool 🙂

  25. Antonia Says:

    My favorite project is LogicalDOC, but this project uses Launchpad only for his superb translation platform

  26. Lewowpard Says:

    Definetely SynCE, but I couldn’t figure out yet why so many icons on tray are spawned on my karmic box each time a wm5 device is docked. I got everything save OpenSync fluff onboard.

  27. Cross Says:

    @ Cameron

    Just try https://answers.launchpad.net 🙂

  28. Bill Says:

    Basenji – the Media indexer

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