Launchpad privacy policy update

We have added a paragraph, concerning the location data on Launchpad user profile pages, to the Launchpad privacy policy’s “Submitted data” section. That section now reads:

“Launchpad users may add information about themselves via their Launchpad accounts and or their personal pages. This information may assist Launchpad in providing services to the contributor such as email notifications of changes to bugs, projects, teams, etc..

“Your Launchpad account has the option to store a location for you and to display it on your profile page. Until you set that location yourself, other registered Launchpad users can set it on your behalf. Once your location is set, you can hide it from other users.”

View the full privacy policy.

4 Responses to “Launchpad privacy policy update”

  1. oliver Says:

    I don’t quite understand that second paragraph… Why would other LP users set my location on my behalf? In which cases does that make sense?

  2. someone Says:

    You don’t want to disclose your location, so someone else will disclose it for you! Isn’t that nice!

  3. a different someone Says:

    I set a friend’s location without thinking about it potentially upsetting him, and it did. and now we are on bad terms… and probably will until someone deletes it for him.

    This is a dumb policy.

  4. Karl Fogel Says:

    It’s hard for Launchpad to tell the difference between “I don’t want to disclose my location” and “I just haven’t bothered to set my location yet”. There is more discussion about this at

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