Launchpad read-only 08.00 UTC 6th October 2010

Launchpad’s web interface will be read-only, with other aspects offline, for less than 15 minutes from 08.00 UTC on Wednesday the 6th of October. During this time we’ll be making upgrades to Launchpad’s database servers.

Starts: 08.00 UTC 6th October 2010
Expected back before: 08.15 UTC 6th October 2010

Roughly 24 hours after this read-only time there’ll be another short period where Launchpad is read-only. This will enable us to complete the upgrade work and we’ll announce the exact times separately.

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  1. Olivier Dony Says:

    Just a quick note for those of you who would like to see these blog posts (especially notifications) on twitter, I have registered a twitterfeed with the contents of the Launchpad Blog, so you can simply follow @launchpadblog !

    Matthew, you could in fact do the same directly in your main @launchpad_net account, removing the need for @launchpadblog 🙂

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