Launchpod episode 11: Launchpad teams and OpenID, future of LP UI and community help

Launchpod: the Launchpad team podcast!

Hosts: Matthew Revell, Graham Binns and Joey Stanford.
Theme: Obscurity by Barry Warsaw.

  • 01.11: Each weekday, a member of the Launchpad team is available to help you with your Launchpad queries. We discuss our new help rotation.
  • 05.53: Martin Albisetti discusses his new role looking after Launchpad’s UI and also talks about the team’s vision for the future of Launchpad’s web interface.
  • 16.12: Stuart Metcalfe talks about the Drupal plugin he’s created that allows Drupal sites to grant additional permissions to users based on their Launchpad team memberships. It’s now in action on the Ubuntu Fridge.

Talk to us! Episode 13 of Launchpad will be recorded in London at the end of October. Send us your questions because the full Launchpad team will be available to take them!

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