What’s a build score, then?

If you upload source packages to Launchpad — either to be built and distributed in a PPA or for Ubuntu’s primary archive — you’ve probably spotted the term “build score” and wondered what it represents.

A build score is the priority that Launchpad has assigned to a particular build job. I’ve just added a new page to the Launchpad help wiki that explains how Launchpad decides that priority but here’s the quick version.

When you upload a source package, Launchpad looks at:

  • the target component
  • the target pocket
  • source urgency — defined by the packager
  • time since upload to the queue
  • whether the package is destined for a public or private PPA.

Launchpad then gives the build a score in each of those categories, adds it all up and the total is the build score you see on the build details page. The higher number, the higher the priority.

So, for example, a build destined for the security pocket gets a higher priority than a backport. However, to prevent lower priority packages from never making it to a builder, packages get an extra few points as they get older.

Get the full details in the guide over on the help wiki.

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