Launchpad 1.1.9 released!

Earlier today we release Launchpad 1.1.9! So, what’s new this time round?

  • New “remote” branches: register a remote branch if you want Launchpad to monitor it and link to its code-browser but you don’t want Launchpad to import the branch itself. Ideal for security related branches.
  • bzr+ssh is now the recommended way to upload a branch to Launchpad. sftp is still available.
  • We’ve updated the PPA terms of service to allow for a wider range of free and open licences.
  • You can now search for Incomplete bugs based on whether they’ve had a response or not.
  • If you add a bug watch in an external tracker that Launchpad doesn’t already know about you can add the new bug tracker at the same time.
  • Upstream projects now have a view to show all bugs that need to be forwarded to that project from a distribution.
  • All of a project’s translation files are downloadable in a single tarball.
  • KDE plurals and context strings are now supported in translation imports and exports.

There’s plenty more in this release, too. Stay subscribed to this blog for more on individual features and take a look at the full 1.1.9 release notes for every last detail.

As ever, we want to hear from you and there a few ways to get in touch:

  • join the launchpad-users mailing list
  • visit #launchpad on Freenode
  • come along to our weekly development meeting – 14.00UTC Thursdays in #launchpad
  • take part in one of our user meetings – keep your eye on this blog for the date of the next meeting
  • email

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