Launchpad 2.1.11: OpenID support and now easier to contact other people

The Launchpad team is proud to announce the release of Launchpad 2.1.11, which includes two major new features!

OpenID: log into other websites using your Launchpad identity

OpenID logo

How many website usernames and passwords do you juggle each day? Your Launchpad account now includes an OpenID identity, meaning you may be able to reduce the number of website login details you need to remember.

OpenID is an open standard that lets you use one online identity to access many different websites, such as SourceForge, Blogger, LiveJournal and thousands of others. Look out for the OpenID logo next time you log into or register for a website.

There’s more on our OpenID help page.

Get in touch with any other Launchpad user

Ever wanted to contact someone you’ve come across in Launchpad only to find they’ve hidden their email address?

Launchpad developer, Barry Warsaw, has the solution:

“You can now email up to three other Launchpad users or teams per day using the new Contact this user/team link on profile pages.

“Launchpad preserves the privacy of the recipient’s email address — unless they respond, when it becomes a normal email conversation — and you can choose which of your registered email addresses the message comes from.”

To give it a go, try it on your own profile page.

Find out more about contacting people in Launchpad and receiving email that’s sent using the contact form.

That’s all for this month

To get the full details of the Launchpad 2.1.11 release, have a look at its milestone page.

Launchpad 2.1.12, our final release of 2008, will be out on the 17th of December.

In the meantime, join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the launchpad-users mailing list.

4 Responses to “Launchpad 2.1.11: OpenID support and now easier to contact other people”

  1. Frank Says:

    First, I was happy to read that Launchpad now uses OpenID. But after reading the linked page I recognized, that Launchpad is not allowing users to log in with an OpenID, Launchpad is acting as an OpenID server.

    What about the people, that already have an OpenID? Is it possible to log into launchpad with my OpenID (not from Launchpad)?

  2. Rob J. Caskey Says:


    I’ve already got an OpenID, this doesn’t reduce the number of passwords I have to remember at all! It’s just another OpenID site that won’t accept any other site’s OpenID besides their own, so we end up with 30 OpenIDs that can be used anywhere but are accepted nowhere.


  3. Francis J. Lacoste Says:

    A lot of users have asked to be able to login and post on third party sites
    using their Launchpad identity. It’s more than simply not using having to
    create an account, but also a way to socialize their open-source contributions
    by linking to their Launchpad profile page.

    But, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll be adding the possibility to add
    OpenID identities to your account and use them to log in early next year.

    – Francis

  4. Martin Pool Says:

    There is a bug you can use to track this “launchpad should be an openid consumer”

    Incidentally “this month” is confusing when the dates are only shown on some articles on the main page. Strange…

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