Launchpad 2.1.8: Bugzilla and Trac plugins now available, plus karma for commits

We in the Launchpad team are proud to announce the 21st August 2008 release of Launchpad 2.1.8!

This release brings two items of good news for anyone who commits code to branches registered in Launchpad:

  • Karma for commits: Launchpad now awards karma for code commits to project branches.
  • Feeds of each person’s code commits: as well as a feed that shows which branches you work on, Launchpad now gives you a feed of all the commits you’ve made to branches in Launchpad.

To subscribe to your own branch commits feed, visit your code overview page and click the feed icon in your browser’s address bar.

There’s more about karma for commits in our blog post.

Bugzilla and Trac plugin beta now open

Sharing the same bug report and comment history between communities is one of Launchpad’s most useful features.

With the beta of our new plugins for Bugzilla and Trac now open, projects who run their own external bug trackers can now also share bug comment histories with Launchpad.

Graham Binns from the Launchpad Bugs team blogs about how to take part in the beta, if you run a Bugzilla or Trac instance.

Regular updates on the Launchpad API beta

If you’re following the beta of the Launchpad API, you can now get regular updates on what’s new from Leonard Richardson, one of the Launchpad team working on the API.

Leonard’s posts are in the Launchad News blog’s API category.

Full details of Launchpad 2.1.8

Full details of the features and bug fixes that went into this release are on the Launchpad 2.1.8 milestone page.

If you come across any bugs in Launchpad, please report them.

We’ll be releasing Launchpad 2.1.9 on the 17th September.

In the mean time, join us each Thursday at 18.00 UTC in #launchpad-meeting on Freenode for the Launchpad team meeting and also any time on the launchpad-users mailing list.

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