Launchpad 2.2.3: multiple PPAs and translation imports from Bazaar

The Launchpad team is proud to announce the release of Launchpad 2.2.3!

Here are the highlights of what’s new in this release:

  • Additional Personal Package Archives for yourself and your teams
  • Translation template imports directly from your project’s Bazaar branches

Read on for more!

Additional Personal Package Archives

You can now create multiple PPAs both for yourself and your teams.

This is ideal if you’re publishing different versions of the same application to different audiences. For example: you may have one archive for alpha versions and another that’s used by your beta testers.

Visit your profile page — or that of one of your teams — to add more PPAs.

See Julian’s blog post for further details.

Translation template imports from Bazaar branches

Host your project’s code using Launchpad and Bazaar? Also translate your software using Launchpad?

Launchpad can now automatically find and import your translation templates from your project’s Bazaar branches.

Once you’ve activated automatic imports, Launchpad will monitor the official branch for each of your series and pull in any new template versions that you commit.

Read Henning’s blog post to get the full story.

Also new in this release

There’s more to Launchpad 2.2.3, including:

  • teams can now have +junk branches
  • releases are now directly linked to milestones
  • project owners and bug supervisors can now set official bug tags
  • uploading packages to Launchpad, whether directly for Ubuntu or to a PPA, now earns you karma!

For full details of the bugs and blueprints that make up Launchpad 2.2.3 visit its milestone page.

If you come across a bug, please report it!

See you at the end of the month

Our second release for April — 2.2.4 — is due on the 29th of April.

In the meantime, stay up to date with Launchpad news and views here on our blog.

And as always, you can join us in #launchpad on Freenode and on the launchpad-users mailing list.

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  1. Martin Says:

    Just a thought on these – they might work better if there was a separate blog post for each new feature, so that the title just directly corresponds to what was changed. I think on a web site people really perceive it as the site gaining new features rather than releases that bring in a bunch of things together. Particularly if you’re using edge, as many active users will be.

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