Translate Ubuntu Hardy Heron

The next Ubuntu release – Hardy Heron – is now open for translation!

If you want to help ensure it’s accurately translated into your language, you can get going at:

If you’re new to translating Ubuntu and want to find out more, take a look at the Translating Ubuntu.

Frequent lang pack updates

If you’re running Hardy Heron during its development cycle, you’ll receive twice weekly language pack updates reflecting the latest work in Launchpad Translations. These updates should start later this week.

If you’re planning to work on Hardy translations, this is a great way to see your work in place before the official release.

If you have any questions about using Launchpad to translate, ask on launchpad-users or come join us in #launchpad on Freenode.

One Response to “Translate Ubuntu Hardy Heron”

  1. stone gao Says:

    hi, i am a member of the simplified chinese translation team. i noticed that the launchpad update of Jan. 21 2008 got rid of the translation that i did two days about ubuntu 8.04 before the update.

    this is to confirm if the situation was i mentioned above. if the answer is true, i believe it is not a proper way to deal with the translatio team’s work. the better way is to notify all the translators that the work before authority announcement is useless, so don’t translate before the announcement. Otherwise, the technical team should find a way to integrate the work we contributed before the update.

    please notify me your ideas.

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