Day seven – personal branches

Ever needed to share a Bazaar branch that’s not part of a wider project? Or perhaps you want to share some code that’s not yet ready to be associated with a project.

Launchpad gives you personal — or +junk — branches that work pretty much like normal hosted branches, except:

  • they’re not associated with a particular project
  • only individuals — not teams — can register them
  • you can’t propose a +junk branch for merging
  • you don’t earn karma from +junk branches.

Here’s how to push a personal branch up to Launchpad:

bzr push lp:~your-launchpad-id/+junk/branch-name

Obviously you put your Launchpad ID and chosen branch name in the suitable places.

Once the branch is up, it appears in your own branch listing just like any other.

More on personal branches.

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