Day two – sprints and meetings

On the second day of Launchpad — and at this time of year when people tend to get together — we’re going to look at how Launchpad can help you organise sprints and meetings.

First off, let’s take a look at the list of all meetings tracked in Launchpad. You get an overview of what each meeting is about, along with its start time and date. Click on Entertainer May 2008 to take a look at the details of a specific event.

Now for the really interesting bit: on this event’s overview page is an excerpt from its agenda. Click on one of the agenda items and you’ll see that it’s a blueprint also registered in Launchpad. Anyone can propose a blueprint for the agenda by following the Propose for meeting agenda link on a blueprint’s page. Then it’s down to the meeting’s organiser — i.e. the person that registered it in Launchpad — to approve or decline agenda items.

There are a couple of other things to note too: it takes just a couple of clicks from the event’s overview page to register yourself as attending and, if you’re the meeting’s organiser, you can download a CSV of all the attendees.

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