Bazaar 0.17

The release of Bazaar 0.17, a couple of weeks ago, got me thinking.

Before I joined the Launchpad team, I knew that version control was important but it wasn’t something I thought about a great deal.

In previous jobs, I’d used Subversion to manage documentation and, although I could see the benefits, it often seemed more hassle than it was worth, particularly to my colleagues.

Then I started looking more closely at Bazaar. I saw that it didn’t need a central server, so getting set-up was pain-free and I could work anywhere. It also allowed me to just get on with organising my work the way I wanted to: if I decided that, after all, I didn’t need a directory called “drafts” but instead wanted two directories called “in-progress” and “awaiting-review”, then Bazaar was happy to accommodate me.

But as a non-developer, I rarely even take Bazaar out of second gear. I’d love to hear your stories of using Bazaar. What one thing about Bazaar really makes your life easier? What five, ten, twenty things about Bazaar get you excited? Post your comments here or mail me –

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