Coming soon to a Launchpad near you!

There’s a lot to Launchpad. Right now, we’ve got: five main applications, 3,397 registered projects, 1172 teams, a staggering 1,121,443 people registered and a heck of a lot of code.


To make it easier to manage Launchpad’s development, we release a new version roughly every four weeks. The next release we’re due to make is milestone 1.1.7 on 18 July. Then 1.1.8 comes on 22 August.

You can see what blueprints and bugs are targeted against each part of Launchpad by visiting the milestone links on the Launchpad project overview page.

There’s an easier way, though…

Quick overview of coming features

If you’re not interested in every detail and want to know about only the most interesting or important features, you can take a look at our Coming Features page.

It’s split into each of the main Launchpad applications – Bug Tracker, Code Hosting, Blueprint, Answers and Translations – and gives you a brief overview of what we’ve got planned for the next couple of months

Talk to me

The great thing about the Coming Features page is it’s an easy way to see what changes might affect you. So, let’s take an example:

Frequently asked questions occur in every project. A new feature in the Answer Tracker will help users to find the best answer to a project’s most commonly asked questions. Answer contacts will be able to identify FAQ and provide the canonical answer, meaning that users can get straight to the information they need. FAQ will be searchable in their own right and will also be offered as a possible answer when a user asks a matching question.

If you’re an Answer Contact, the new FAQ feature could have quite an effect on the way you work. If you had concerns or questions, you get to voice them long before the feature is released and in time to have an impact on its implementation.

So, take a look at the Coming Features page, subscribe to it and then email me – – with you comments, questions and suggestions!

Update: I’ve added a feed for Coming Features at

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