Customisable bug listings in beta!

A custom bugThe information displayed with bug listings is often not what you want to see – you might not be interested in bug heat and want to see bug age, but it’s not there.  Looking at this problem, we’ve come up with a new beta feature: custom bug listings.  A lot of you have said that you’d like to be able to filter bugs in a way that works best for you. Hopefully this new functionality should help with this goal:

  • You’ll be able to sort bugs by criteria such as name, importance and status.
  • You can put them into ascending or descending order without having to reload the page.
  • You’ll be able to save your preferred layout.

We’ve also redesigned how bug listings are displayed – fitting more information into each bug listing, and adding sort options such as bug age, assignee, reporter, and tags.

We’ve done some successful rounds of user testing and would love to hear your options on this great new feature. We’ve just released it into beta. To see it, you need to be part of Launchpad Beta Testers. To try it out, take a look at any bugs listing, like this one for Openstack.

Let us know how you get on with it: either report a bug (using the bug tag bug-columns) or join us on launchpad-users.

2011/11/28 update: we have temporarily suspended the beta, but we’ll have it back in the next day or so

Photo by Stephen Fulljames. Licence: CC-BY-SA.


7 Responses to “Customisable bug listings in beta!”

  1. Thierry Carrez Says:

    I’m all for customizable views, but this one turned sleek and compact bug listings into a big waste of screen estate. This needs to be more compact (one line per bug) so that the listings stay usable. It should not take more space than the old one.

    I see was filed about this.

  2. komputes Says:

    Very nice surprise. Launchpad looks a little more like Google Docs now. I do get a slowdown when listing or sorting (takes ~7 seconds to load) during which the browser is unusable.

    I like it! Other than the slowdown, I think this change is very nice.

  3. Fitoschido Says:

    I really like the new AJAX popup to customize the amount of information shown in listings. Thanks!

  4. cr3 Says:

    I used to like the ordering drop-down menu. Now, I need to click on the advanced search just to order my bugs. It is difficult to come up with something new without affecting the old…

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  7. Dylan McCall Says:

    I like where you’re going with this, but I’d like to echo what Thierry said and add one other thing: the controls feel clunky. When I click one of the sort buttons, I can’t touch anything else until the new listing has been loaded. It would really help the feel if I could manipulate the sort buttons at any time. So, I click Bug Title and, while that listing is loading, I change my mind and click Importance instead. Right now, if I change my mind, I still have to wait for the controls to be clickable again.

    This is _especially_ frustrating if it decides to sort in descending order when I want ascending order. To fix that it’s click, wait … click, wait … instead of just click, click and wait. Also, on that note, I’d like if you hinted at the sort order on hover instead of waiting until I click a button.
    (That feel is a big part of what I was shooting for with the scripting at

    Oh, and expanding on Thierry’s point, the fatter list entries bother me here in particular:
    I know those entries all belong to Unity, so I don’t need to be reminded of it 30 times. Heck, I’ll bet chocolate there’s a study out there that says repeated elements hinder one’s ability to scan a page.
    However, in a more diverse listing where bug owner changes, I can see myself really liking that information 🙂

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