Improved Bug Patch Notifications

There are a couple of new features related to patch handling in Launchpad bugs this month.

Building on the work we did in December to better distinguish patches in bug pages, we now use an icon to show if a bug has a patch attached in bug listings.  Any search on Launchpad will now indicate if a bug has a patch attached.  Look for the band aid icons, and you’ll know that a bug has a patch attached.

Also, bug mail notifications have been updated to distinguish patches from any other attachment.  Now when a patch is added or removed from a bug the email notification will read “Patch added” or “Patch removed” to make spotting patches easier in email.

These are small improvements to our handling of patches to help patches become more easily spotted on Launchpad.  Combined with our work on sorting bugs by a heat number, the Launchpad bugs app is doing more to let users know about the state and quality of a bug report.

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    […] hoping that these features, combined with the recently-landed patch notification improvements and bug heat, will make it easier to find the patches worth immediate […]

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