Meet the bug supervisor

If you’re involved in a project that uses Launchpad’s bug tracker, you’ll know that one of the most important roles is the bug contact.

Next week, when we release Launchpad 1.2.4, we’re changing the name of project and distribution bug contact to bug supervisor. The role stays the same but we think the new name better reflects what it has become.

This does not apply to package bug contacts who will be renamed to bug subscriber, as their role is quite different to bug supervisor for distros and projects

Bug contacts and bug mail

Originally, the main part of being a bug contact was dealing with bug notifications. Whoever was in the bug contact role – whether a team or individual – would receive email about new bugs and changes to existing bugs for their project, package or distribution.

Since our February release, bug mail is open to everyone. If you want to get email notifications about a particular project, package or distro’s bug activity, all you have to do is subscribe. Similarly, bug contacts can unsubscribe from those bug notifications.

So, the name “bug contact” no longer seems appropriate.

So, what is a bug supervisor?

Bug contacts – or bug supervisors after April 30th – are automatically subscribed to the relevant bug notifications. In addition, they can:

  • target bugs to milestones
  • set the importance of a bug
  • set certain bug statuses.

The change is already in place on our Edge environment. Take a look at Launchpad’s bugs overview page on Edge to see it in place.

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