Launchpad Configuration Migration


Since the last Launchpad release you may have noticed a few emails and blog
posts referring to unexpected issues with Launchpad. I thought you might
like to know more about what was causing them, and how we are addressing them.

Launchpad’s operational environment is hosted on several machines in order to
provide adequate response times given our user load. Previously, we had to
maintain separate, and complex, configuration settings for each of the servers.
This was not very conducive to developing and deploying new features, nor
supporting the existing infrastructure. The situation was becoming
unmaintainable, and we had made careful plans to resolve these problems.

To address this limitation, we migrated the existing configuration settings
over to a standard, site-wide, hierarchical system. We’re confident that this
new configuration system will also provide us with a much more robust, stable
and maintainable operational environment. However, the rollout of this new
system has resulted in an undesirable level of shake-out due to the
complexities of the Launchpad services involved and the complexities of the
old configuration system.

On behalf of the entire Launchpad Development Team, I’d like to offer our
sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We ask you
for your continued understanding as we seek to improve the Launchpad service.

Joey Stanford
Launchpad Releases Team Manager

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