Coming Changes in 1.1.10

Welcome to the Coming Changes report for Launchpad 1.1.10 (which is due for release 24th October).

Here you can find information on changes that we’re planning for the next Launchpad release. These are changes that may affect the way you use Launchpad, rather than a full list of new features that will appear in 1.1.10.

Giving us your feedback

We welcome your feedback and invite you to join us on the launchpad-users mailing list.

You can also come and speak directly with the Launchpad team in the Launchpad Users Meeting on Wednesday 10th October at 16.00 UTC.

We’ll publish an updated version of this report on the 17th October.

Launchpad general

  • A new “Request information” option will be added to the “Proposed member” page, alongside “Approve” and “Decline”. This will help team administrators to contact prospective members who hide their email addresses. (Bug 66105)
  • When someone registers a new project in Launchpad, they will need to specify that project’s licence. (Bug 117276)
  • Team membership change notifications will have shorter subject lines. (Bug 144540)

Bug Tracker


  • The code browse (Loggerhead) pages will have an improved design. (Bug 144744)
  • The “user@” portion of ssh code-hosting URLs will be removed and the user identified by their public key. (Bug 137910)
  • Editing bug-branch links will be restricted to the branch owner and the project’s bug contact. (Bug 138805)


  • Ubuntu releases that are no longer support (Warty, Hoary and Breezy) will be removed from Launchpad’s archive. (Bug 66631)

Further information

You can find full details of what we have planned for Launchpad 1.1.10 at:

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