Come and learn more about Launchpad

If you’re new to Launchpad, next week is a great time to find out more!

My Launchpad colleagues and I will be leading a number of IRC tutorial sessions designed to give an introduction to Launchpad and its applications. Here’s what’s on and when:

  • Introduction to Launchpad: Monday 22nd 17.00 UTC and Thursday 25th 16.00 UTC.
  • Launchpad Q&A: Tuesday 23rd 18.00 UTC and Thursday 25th 19.00 UTC.
  • Troubleshooting with Launchpad Answers: Tuesday 23rd 20.00 UTC.
  • Managing bugs in Launchpad: Thursday 25th 17.00 UTC.
  • Hosting code with Launchpad: Thursday 25th 18.00 UTC.
  • Launchpad Personal Package Archives: Friday 26th 15.00 UTC.
  • Translating with Launchpad: Friday 26th 16.00 UTC.
  • Planning features and sprints in Launchpad: Friday 26th 17.00 UTC.

These sessions are as part of Ubuntu Open Week and so will be in Freenode’s #ubuntu-classroom channel.

If you have any particular requests or suggestions for any of these suggestions, please leave a comment!

2 Responses to “Come and learn more about Launchpad”

  1. Sidarth Dasari Says:

    Are there logs of these classes anywhere?

  2. Daniel Says:

    You can find the logs here:

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