Launchpad 1.1.10 now live

Today we’ve made Launchpad‘s October 2007 release, 1.1.10!

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

  • Faster translations imports: more efficient import process to avoid queues at busy times.
  • New badges in branch listings: highlight mirroring errors and branches that have blueprint links.
  • Create FAQs from solved as well as open questions.
  • Easier sprint admin: meeting organisers can now download a CSV file of attendee details.
  • Adding a bug watch now checks for dupes: Launchpad will show all bugs that share a bug watch. Ideal for finding duplicate reports.
  • File downloads: product and series owners can now add downloadable files to a project.
  • PPA packages are now overridden to the main component and can be built against all Ubuntu components.

Ubuntu bug triagers will be pleased to hear that the “Source package” panel has returned to distribution package bug pages.

Also this month we’re pleased to welcome Zope 2, Exaile and the Mobile and Internet Linux project who are now using Launchpad to track their bugs!

For a detailed view of what’s new in each part of Launchpad, read the full 1.1.10 release notes.

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