Dupes of dupes now become dupes of the master bug

Some bugs get reported more than once. That’s why we’ve got the dupe finder.

Some duplicate bugs slip through the dupe finder. Really common issues get quite a few dupes and someone from the relevant project usually goes through and marks them as duplicates of the master bug where the actual discussion and tracking is taking place.

There has been a really annoying bug in the way Launchpad has handled all this, though, and Deryck‘s just fixed it 🙂

Let’s say you’ve got a bug report that has a few duplicates attached to it. You then discover that, actually, there’s an older bug with a more mature discussion and that, really, that’s the master bug. Until now, before you marked your bug as a duplicate of the master, you’d first have to take all the dupes of your bug and manually make them dupes of the master.

Still with me? 🙂

For a busy bug with many dupes, some of which have their own dupes, that’s a real disincentive to clearing up the multiple duplicates and gathering everything together on the one true master bug.

Now, though, simply mark your bug as a duplicate and Launchpad will automatically transfer your bug’s dupes to the new master bug.

Simple 🙂


5 Responses to “Dupes of dupes now become dupes of the master bug”

  1. Mackenzie Says:


  2. Bruno Girin Says:

    At last! Well done that man, he deserves a beer (or two)!

  3. Pedro Says:

    Yay! this is finally here! congrats folks!

  4. David Strauss Says:

    What happens if bug A is legitimately a dupe of bug B, but bug B is not truly a dupe of bug C (yet is marked as one)? If this gets simplified down in the database, bug A will seem directly marked as a duplicate of C, as will bug B. At that point, neither duplicate marker is valid, and it’s difficult to recover the original valid one.

    Or, does this happen only in the UI?

  5. Sebastian Heinlein Says:

    Yeah! Nice to see the steady improvement of Launchpad!

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