Feelin’ hot hot hot

If you’ve ever come to file a bug and found that it’s already been reported, you may have wanted to let the project know that you too have been affected.

Trouble is: many projects find “me too” comments unhelpful because they don’t add much to the discussion.

Launchpad’s new “This bug affects me too” feature lets you record just that but without the guilt! Give it a go in our staging environment.

We’ll use the “me too” data in future to help projects identify “hot” bugs.

8 Responses to “Feelin’ hot hot hot”

  1. Marius Gedminas Says:

    Great feature, but hard to find on the bug page.

  2. Matt Says:

    Yea, hard to find. I reckon chuck the link beneath the description, above the other links (Update description / tags, Link a related branch, Link to CVE). I think it would be logical there. People will finish reading the description and their eye will naturally end up at the link.

  3. Thanos Kyritsis Says:

    But it’s the same as the ‘vote feature’ in bugzilla. What’s the point of not naming it as ‘vote’ ? Advanced users are used to using that terminology ….

  4. Tom Berger Says:


    No, the intention is for this feature not to be used a ‘bug voting’ facility, and we wanted the name and user interface to reflect that. We really hope that we’ll be able to help project collect data on how bugs are affecting users. Calling this feature “voting” carries the risk of encouraging manipulative, political behavior, which will not help anyone. Some projects, like Ubuntu, provide external websites for voting on bugs.

  5. Darik Horn Says:

    Consider putting the “metoo” link near the comment field. Most people that are eager to report a “metoo” will immediately jump to the comment field, so that is where they should see the new button.

  6. Johan Says:

    How do I get a list of the bugs that affect the highest number of people?

  7. Tom Berger Says:


    We will soon introduce the ranking of bugs by how ‘hot’ they are (how many users they affect, for example) to bug listings. Join are beta team (if you haven’t already) to playing with this feature as soon as it’s ready.

  8. Azrael Nightwalker Says:

    See also comments in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/271333

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