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No matter how good a website’s interface, when you’re dealing with as much data as there is in Launchpad, search can be the simplest way to get what you need.

Thanks to work by my colleagues Francis Lacoste, Curtis Hovey and Maris Fogels, you can now search through all of Launchpad from a single search box.

This new site-wide search goes into people profiles, code branch information, bug reports, questions, blueprints, project information and more.

Try it: you’ll find the search box at the top right of most Launchpad pages and on its own dedicated page too.

It works just as you’d expect: wrap words in quotes to search for an exact phrase, discount a word by placing a minus sign in front of it, and so on.

Let us know how you get on.

Update: Search links now fixed.

4 Responses to “Global search”

  1. Marc Says:

    Awesome. And it would be double-awesome if that huge search box on the main page were a combo search too.

  2. Translations searching at Launchpad blog Says:

    […] are two search boxes. One at the very top-right of the page: that’s Launchpad’s new site-wide search. Below that, still on the right, is the translation search […]

  3. Ahmad Tarek Says:

    I was waiting for this future a lot .. thanks for this great work.

  4. Shaved Wookie Says:

    YESS!!! I’ve been wishing for this for so long. I can think of at least a few bugs that have gone unreported just because of the difficulty of not finding stuff before (and because I didn’t realise the limitations of the search then).

    Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!

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