People and teams get multiple Personal Package Archives

The release of 2.2.3 brings with it a change for PPAs — we are now supporting multiple PPAs per person!

You will have probably already noticed that we made a change in 2.2.1 that altered the URLs you see for a PPA’s index page and its sources.list entry; these now have the extra “ppa” in there. This is actually the default name for the first PPA that anyone creates.
Example old-style URL:

Which is now:

You can create additional PPAs from your own profile page or your team’s profile page. You are able to name them whatever you like with one exception — we are not allowing you to name them “ubuntu”. This is so that we can maintain backwards compatibility with the old upload paths where you don’t need to specify the default PPA’s name.

To upload to the additional PPAs your upload path should look like:

incoming = ~myname/ubuntu/otherppaname

These additional PPAs will behave as any other PPA, the only difference being that they clearly belong to a person or a team, and you won’t need to create dummy teams/people to have more PPAs.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

4 Responses to “People and teams get multiple Personal Package Archives”

  1. Mariuz Says:

    And the size for each ppa is limited to 1G ? or all summed is 1G

  2. bdrung Says:

    I had to change

    incoming = ~myname/ubuntu/otherppaname


    incoming = ~myname/otherppaname/ubuntu

  3. Launchpad Blog Says:

    […] Julian’s blog post for further […]

  4. Julian Edwards Says:

    @mariuz: The size is 1Gb for each PPA.

    @bdrung: Woops! Yes you’re right, I got that horribly wrong, thanks for pointing it out.

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