Project timelines

New on project overview pages: project timelines.

Timeline of the Drizzle project

Here’s the timeline from the Drizzle project. Straight away you can see how many series — i.e. major lines of development — are running concurrently, along with releases and milestones. Click on any of them to get more info.

2 Responses to “Project timelines”

  1. Mattias Holmlund Says:

    This kind of visualization is very useful. How is it implemented? Are there any ready-made javascript components available or did you implement this yourself in Launchpad? A google-search for yui timeline didn’t give any useful results…

  2. Naresh Says:


    It is really Good to see project milestone graph. I too need to show such milestone graph in my website
    Can you please help me or provide more information as how to acheieve this.


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