Review branch merge proposals in Launchpad

For some time now, you’ve been able to use Launchpad to propose that a branch of code should be merged with another. This is great if you’ve uploaded a branch that includes a new feature or bug fix and you want to bring it to the attention of the trunk branch’s maintainer.

However, actually discussing the merits of the merger had to take place elsewhere, such as by email or even using a bug tracker to record the conversation.

We’ve now brought that discussion right into Launchpad. Anyone logged into Launchpad can comment and vote on proposed mergers. Take a look at one of the first comments.

There’s more about this new feature in our latest podcast.

2 Responses to “Review branch merge proposals in Launchpad”

  1. Andrea Corbellini Says:

    Wow! I think this is the best tool for the reviewing process that I’ve never seen. You have done a great work!

  2. Email interface to code review at Launchpad blog Says:

    […] new code review system gives you a public place to discuss and vote on proposed code mergers. What’s more, you can […]

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