SFTP uploads to PPAs!

You can now use SFTP to upload source packages to your Personal Package Archive!

If you’re already familiar with uploading to a PPA, all you need to do is ensure your dput.cf includes the following:

method = sftp
login = <your Launchpad account name>

If you’re new to PPAs, but already know how to create packages for Ubuntu, take a look at our guide.


7 Responses to “SFTP uploads to PPAs!”

  1. Scott Ritchie Says:

    Can we do this for the archive as well? Would be a great way to workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dput/+bug/193848

  2. Matthew Revell Says:

    Hi Scott, yep you can use SFTP for the primary Ubuntu archive too.

  3. Michael Bienia Says:

    Here is my ~/.dput.cf stance for SFTP uploads to the main archive. I needed to also change “incoming” as else I got an “open failed” error.

    fqdn = upload.ubuntu.com
    method = sftp
    incoming = ubuntu
    login =

  4. T. Scott Barnes Says:

    Wonderful! I’ve changed over my dput.cf to use it already. I always wondered though, why was it done using “anonymous” FTP before? As an aside, does anyone know of a good GUI for dput? If not, I’ll have to get started on writing one.

  5. Hi Says:

    Hi I created a code and I weant to be available to Ubuntu so I desided to upload to ppa but what Kind of file need to be uploaded how I will upload the manual? It is nessesary to upload sourse code? please help

  6. Stanislaw Says:

    Hi.Is it possible to upload source package to PPA using FTP/SFTP client like FileZilla, Gftp or is there any GUI or user manual with examples to dput?

  7. Stanislaw Says:

    Hi.Did you know how to configure FileZilla or Gftp to upload files to my ppa (itiseasy-org/unstable), how to use OpenPGP key with it?

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