Get in touch with any other Launchpad user

Contact this userNeed to contact someone who’s hidden their email address in Launchpad?

No problem. Launchpad profile pages now give you a way to contact that person without having to know their email address.

Over to Barry Warsaw — who worked on the feature — for more:

You can now contact up to three other Launchpad users per day, even if those users have hidden their email addresses. The recipient’s privacy is preserved (unless they respond) and you can choose which of your valid email addresses the contact message will come from.

So now you can get in touch with all prospective new team members, bug commenters, branch owners and so on.

Try it out on your own profile page.

One Response to “Get in touch with any other Launchpad user”

  1. Slash Says:

    Not cool. I don’t want anyone to be able to contact me through Launchpad unless they’re posting a comment to a bug I care about. I keep my email address secret for a reason!

    Please make this “feature” opt-in only.

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