Fixes to team contact addresses and list moderation

Many users have discovered that they could not reuse an email address that once belongs to a team. While Launchpad claimed the contact address was gone, that was not the case; it was hidden, never to be seen again. This is fixed. Launchpad does what it says. It removes the email address. The address can be re-registered if needed.

Many list moderators have noted that there are messages with no content in the moderation queue. This is because the messages had no text part, and that these are spam. Launchpad now discards messages without a text parts. You will not be asked to moderate a message that has no content. There is one caveate to this, content-less messages already in the moderation queue must be removed using the UI.

2 Responses to “Fixes to team contact addresses and list moderation”

  1. GhostLyrics Says:

    typo: regegistered -> reregistered ; messsages -> messages

  2. Matthew Revell Says:

    Thanks GhostLyrics, I’ve fixed those now.

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