PPAs now 2 GiB

Since we first launched Personal Package Archives, we’ve set a starting size limit of 1 GiB.

However, we’ve also said “yes” pretty much every time someone’s ask us for more space. So, seeing as how most requests have been for an increase to 2 GiB, we’ve gone ahead and upgraded every PPA to a minimum of 2 GiB. If you already have a larger allowance, it’ll stay in place.

4 Responses to “PPAs now 2 GiB”

  1. Chinmoy Says:

    Wow! That is some awesome development. I have to post about this.

  2. Brian Thomason Says:

    Good deal. This will make my life easier and make for fewer requests to increase my PPA size. Kudos!

  3. Marius Gedminas Says:

    https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA still says “Each PPA gets 1 GB of disk space”, you may want to update that.

  4. Matthew Revell Says:

    Thanks Marius, updated.

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