Ubuntu package suggestions

The Ubuntu packages portlet lists the most recent project packages in Ubuntu’s main archive. But there are thousands of Ubuntu packages that are not linked to a registered Launchpad project. The links are needed to forward bugs upstream, sync translations, and get the latest project code. The portlet now suggests unlinked packages.

You can help Ubuntu and the project by selecting the right package. There are many cases where the project’s name is different from the Ubuntu package, and you can search for an alternate package. You can also state that the project is not packaged in Ubuntu.

After the project is linked to an Ubuntu package, it is possible to link it to other project packages from the All packages page. You can also do this from the project’s series pages.

Update: Have a look at the Gedit Developer Plugins project’s overview page for an example.

3 Responses to “Ubuntu package suggestions”

  1. Christian Reis Says:

    Can you provide us some example URLs where we can try out the new feature?

  2. Matthew Revell Says:

    Kiko: thanks for the suggestion, I’ve updated the post with a link to https://launchpad.net/gdp where you can see the feature in action.

  3. Curtis Hovey Says:

    What? I want to choose the “not packaged in Ubuntu” option so I make the suggestions go away from the page.

    Kiko, the suggestions are on every unlinked project index. Users can choose to link, or say it is not packaged. We saw more than 300 projects were linked while this feature was edge only. I hope that the general Launchpad user will help provide the missing information.

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