Getting your code into Launchpad

Brad has written a great guide to writing and committing your first code for Launchpad.

Amongst other things, he has a useful bullet list that describes the steps between deciding you want to write code for Launchpad and actually seeing your work in place.

“The steps for fixing a bug or adding a new feature in Launchpad are:

  • Find a bug or feature request. The best place to look is on the milestone for the application of interest. (See the list for Launchpad Registry’s 10.02 milestone).
  • Research the problem.
  • Have a pre-implemention call.
  • Grab the latest branch of Launchpad (which we informally call ‘rocketfuel’). You can use ‘rocketfuel-get’ to update your copy of devel and ‘rocketfuel-branch’ to make a branch for your work. It’s best to create a new branch for each chunk of work you do.
  • Write your tests, write the code, repeat. (Read about TDD.)
  • Push your code to Launchpad (‘bzr push’).
  • Create a merge proposal (‘bzr send’).
  • Have a review, fix changes, repeat.
  • Run the tests. At a minimum you should run all the tests for the application you changed. For bugs you can do that with ‘bin/test -vvm lp.bugs’.
  • Submit to PQM.
  • QA the change when it lands on edge or staging.
  • See the change in production when the next release rolls out.
  • Bask in your awesomeness.”

If you want to fix a bug or get a feature into Launchpad, go read Brad’s post.

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